August 2021

Christiane Mersch

Cristiane Mersch

Ambassador of RubiesLV Cristiane Mersch holds a Bachelor of Theology degree from Grand Canyon University , she is also a survivor of child sexual exploitation and was a victim of Sextrafficking when she was modeling in Brazil. She moved from South America to America in 2013, like many Latinos who want a better life.  Today she

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Sam Summers Rivas sm

Samantha Summers-Rivas

Founder of RubiesLV Samantha Summers-Rivas is the founder of RubiesLV, a faith-based organization that reaches people enslaved in the sex industry. Samantha had a vision for restoring the lives of others after she experienced a powerful deliverance in her own life from these types of addictions and problems. At just sixteen years of age, Samantha lost

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