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The Law Enforcement Loyalty Political Action Committee (LEL PAC) was founded by Retired Air Force Major Sam Peters, a former Law Enforcement K-9 handler, Bronze Star recipient and veteran of four deployments to various combat zones in support of his oath to uphold the Constitution.

Our board is comprised of former law enforcement officers and strong conservative voices who are focused on protecting the constitutional values that have made America great for more than 240 years. We have watched riots burn cities and tear at the moral fiber of our nation. The outrage over police use of force (inappropriate and appropriate) has turned violent and deadly. There is a very real movement in areas across this country to “defund the police” and label all police as racists. It is time to stand up for those that protect us, those who put their lives on the line because they believe in doing what is right, and to make sure those that paid the ultimate sacrifice, so you and I can live in a safe and free community, did not do so in vain.  LEL PAC will help you make a stand! Sam Peters has led troops in combat zones and there is no question that the political environment in America is one combat zone we must earn victory! 
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