President’s Letter – June 2021

A letter in a brown envelope

It’s June.

That’s good news because we can turn the page on the most partisan legislative session in Nevada for many years. The 81st Legislative Session brought us a slew of bills intent on eroding our 2nd Amendment Rights, pave the way for permanent mail-in voting and ballot harvesting, increased taxes and even erase change the terms used on a birth certificate (no more Mother and Father) just to name a few.
Somebody, (who shall remain nameless) once said ‘elections have consequences’, and this legislative session definitely proves it. 
We didn’t score many wins this Session, but I want to thank everyone who took an active part in the process by staying informed, sending an email or calling to voice their dissent. 
If you’re like me, you have questions about how the Legislative session process played out and if there is more we can do to influence the outcome. 
We have an opportunity for you to do just that!

We are having a Legislative Panel Session Review at out June 22nd luncheon.   Panel member participants include:

  • State Senator Carrie Buck
  • State Senator Heidi Gansert
  • Assemblywoman Annie Black
  • Assemblywoman Melissa Hardy

Panel Moderator will be April Becker

We want to maximize the time available so are asking you to bring questions with you or email them to:

A basket will be available at the door for you to deposit your question before the luncheon begins.  

I think that’s it for now as I want to get the newsletter out today. Once I add the links for the photos/bios will get the Mail Chimp link to you ASAP.