President’s Letter – October 2021

A letter in a brown envelope

October 2021


It was my honor to attend the NFRW Convention in Orlando!!!

Over 1,000 women were in attendance representing every state in the USA!   We were treated to amazing speakers who addressed issues on “In School Participation/Education”, “Global Pandemic”, “Standing With Our Police and Law Enforcement”, “Seniors First”, “Fighting the Over Reach of the Biden Administration”.

Governor DiSantis stressed Faith, Family and Freedom and asked us to continue our courageous demands to eliminate the CRT Theory.

Governor Huckabee told us he was growing his beard to be able to apply for a Santa Claus position at Walmart this season due to what Biden is doing to our economy. 

Every one who spoke praised the NFRW women’s clubs for their constant help getting Republicans elected.  One 83 year old woman was seen placing signs in a parking lot across from the Governor’s office to remember to vote!!   It was evident that our members are appreciated as leaders with courage and conviction. 

Please remember that for the sake of America – people are lined up to get into the USA but you never see signs of people lined up to get out!

As your President, I want to thank you for the honor of accepting the Diamond Award for the Southern Hills Republican Women’s Club and  participating in a fabulous event.   NFRW has over 63,000 members!   105 new clubs and 1200 current clubs nationally!


Our SHRW ‘Events Director’ will be running for NvFRW State Treasurer!

Andria Coleman


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