Sheriff Joe Lombardo

Joe Lombardo

Candidate for Nevada Governor

Sheriff Joe Lombardo is running for Governor to take back our state from the single-party Democrat rule and liberal politicians like Steve Sisolak who are out of touch with every day Nevadans. Sheriff Lombardo believes Nevada deserves a leader who doesn’t put the rights of criminals over victims, doesn’t hold the opinions of donors higher than those of middle-class families, and doesn’t believe our Constitutional rights are ever up for partisan negotiation.

As a Sheriff, Joe knows just how destructive it is when radical Democrat leadership calls to defund our police. As a lifelong Republican, Joe knows we need to do everything we can to stop the liberal takeover of our state – including taking on election reform, vetoing any new tax increases, and securing our boarders to protect our citizens.

Sheriff Lombardo doesn’t just know our community – he’s a part of our community, and is committed to saving it from the policies of an out-of-control Democrat Party and the most partisan Governor in Nevada’s history.

Sheriff Lombardo believes the time has come for new leadership. The time has come to take back our Nevada.